Tune Into Your Dreams…Heal Physically, Emotionally, & Spiritually

Your dreams can change your life. Listen to this example.

Free Audio Gift: Go into a Theta Brain Wave

The theta brain wave state is very relaxing. It is that state when you are drifting off to sleep. But you can be awake also. Most of our dreams occur in this state.

3 Components to Heal Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually

  1. Dream Group (Ullman Method)
  2. ThetaHealing® Technique
  3. Dream Digging: Combine dream work with ThetaHealing Technique

What readers are saying...

Last month I attended a Southwest Writer's meeting and purchased a copy of your book. I loved the cover and was intrigued by the topic, so I took it home and read it the same afternoon.     51wP5YWxvOL._AA160_

After reading your book, I was inspired to pay more attention to my dreams, and I started making a dream journal a regular part of my writing routine.

A take-away for me after reading your book was the idea that short "throw away" dreams can hold meaning. I've always just paid attention to longer dreams that have multiple characters and plots.

Several weeks ago I had a dream that I was having a lot of trouble understanding.

I thought about your throw-away-dream idea and decided to apply the same principle of analysis to one of the characters in my dream. She was a shadowy figure and didn't seem important, but when I stopped and paid attention to her, I realized that she held the key to the dream's meaning.

Unraveling that dream, helped me to solve some real-world problems in my life.

If I hadn't seen you at the SW Writer's meeting and read your book, I would have missed an idea that allowed me to uncover some important insights in my life. So thank you for taking the time to share your ideas and experiences in your book! A book is like a bird: you never know where the seeds it drops will grow.

JR, August 31, 2015, Albuquerque

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Learn the meaning of your dreams:

  • Receive individual sessions.
  • Participate in an Ullman Dream Group.
  • Read - Discover the Messages in Your Dreams with the Ullman Method.
  • Learn Basic and Advanced ThetaHealing® Technique.
  • Learn to enhance your ThetaHealing Technique digging skills through Dream Digging, a special technique to find hidden beliefs in your dreams.
  • Join an online Dream Digging Group.

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